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Deryni Fan Fiction

The Deryni Scrolls, a round robin story by several members of the newsgroup.

Derry's Wedding, by Matt and Linda.
The complete story can be read on Matt's web site at here,
Matt's homepage is

Deryni's Daughter, by Kimbriell.

The Histories of Gwynedd
Individual, short stories in the deryni world.

Detailed information about the deryni ability, provided by barbmc, email

Deryni History
A description of the ancient origins of the deryni, provided by barbmc, email

If you have written some fan fiction or background information for the the Deryni world, you can send it to me and I will add it to these pages. Please paste the story, poem etc into the box below and send me your email and name if you want this on the page with your fan fiction.

Alternatively if it is very long, please ask me for an email address where you can send attachments to me.

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