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The prologue to King Kelson's Bride is now available for you to read here at the official deryni website. The first chapter can be read here, followed by Chapter 2.

St. Patrick's Gargoyle, by Kathrine Kurtz, is due to be published in February 2001 by Ace. This book is about the gargoyles of Dublin and the first chapter can be read at

In the lastest history of the Kingdom of Gwynedd, it is the year MCXXV and in the ruling family of Haldanes the present king is Kelson Cinhil Rhys Anthony Haldane. He is XVIII years of age, just IV years into his reign as king since the death of his father, Brion. These years have seen amazing changes for the people of Gwynedd, both human and deryni. Upheavals are occuring that may be as profound as those at the end of the Interregnum.
The impartiality of Dhassa offers the perfect opportunity to observe changes and reflect on the history of the Kingdom of Gwynedd. (And maybe a good place for Bro. Theo to work?)

castle 5KB Introduction
The City of Dhassa is located on the northwest part of Lake Jashan and surrouded by the Lendour Mountains. The shrine to St. Torin is to the south and the shrine to St. Ethelburga is to the north. The only access to Dhassa from the south is by ferry, or via a dangerous washed out path.
In the year 597, the city of Dhassa was declared an independent state by the third Bishop of Dhassa, Fandilas. Dhassa remined indepentant from the Kingdom of Mooryn and from Gwynedd until the year 903. From 917, Dhassa was a safe haven for deryni people fleeing the persecution of the regants, until the year 918, when Bishop Niallan was forced to flee.
In the following years the Bishopric of Dhassa has been traditionally neutral in the politics of church and state, thus providing a position of great influence for a strong bishop.
The previous bishop was Thomas Cardiel, 1116-1122, a human who is sympathetic to providing equal justise to the deryni. The present bishop is Denis Arilan, the first known deryni to become priest and bishop since the Statutes of Ramos forbade deryni from holding these positions in 918. Despite changes to the laws to allow deryni priests, Bishop Arilan is still a secret deryni, but a strong influence on the changes occuring in Gwynedd.

The world of the Deryni is from the novels by Katherine Kurtz.
More about the Deryni can be found by reading KK's books and by visiting the newsgroup "alt.books.deryni".
Look for more Deryni websites on the webring For Deryni Lovers.
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