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[1126] [historical]

Characters of the Deryni World

In the Year of our Lord 1126

  1. The Archbishops of Gwynedd
  2. The Bishops of Gwynedd
  3. The Nobles of Gwynedd
  4. The Camberian Council


Bradene de Tourz, Archbishop and Primate of Valoret and All Gwynedd, sometime Bishop of Grecotha.
       Bradene is much respected as a wise scholar with a strong personality. He steadies the activities and beliefs of the preists within the church, while allowing the progress of many reforms. The church structure has a better future with this man at its head.

  • Born in Fallon on the 4th November in the Year of our Lord 1067.
  • Ordained in Bremagne, 1085.
  • In 1088 travelled to the University of Grecotha to study.
  • Elected to the position of an itinerant Bishop in 1108.
  • Advanced to the See of Grecotha in 1117.
  • Elected Archbishop in 1122.

    Thomas II Linus Cardiel, Archbishop of Rhemuth, sometime Bishop of Dhassa.
           Cardiel has devoted much of his effort towards creating a peaceful and free country. To this end he has become one of few humans in Gwynedd to activiely work towards understanding and living with the deryni race. He is a firm supporter of the reformation or elimination of the anti-deryni provisions of the Statutes of Ramos. His election to the episcopal seat of Rhemuth was an acknowledgement of his brave actions during the Interdict Schism in March 1121 in support of King Kelson.

  • Born at Cardiaque in Bermagne on the 22nd March in the Year of our Lord 1080.
  • Ordained in 1098.
  • Journeyed to Coroth in 1103 to join the staff of Hudroiddu Mollard, Bishop of Coroth, his teacher and mentor in Bremagne.
  • Elected Bishop of Dhassa in 1196.
  • Elected Archbishop of Rhemuth in 1122.


    Wolfram de Blanet, Bishop of Grecotha.
           Wolfram was an itinerant Bishop for 30 years before the Interdict Schism of 1121. In March 1121 he had become the dean and spokesman of the XII itinerant Bishops and with them he joined forces with the group lead by Bishops Cardiel and Arilan to oppose Loris. On the 28th Febuary 1125, he played the part of the devil's Advocate in the ecclesiastical trial of Dhugal MacArdry' legitimacy and then attended the Synod of Valoret.

  • Born on the 11th August in the Year of Our Lord 1053.
  • The fourth son on Sir Milton de Blanet and Archangela Lady Kinsaco.
  • Ordained priest on the 1st July 1072.
  • Elected an itinerant Bishop of Gwynedd on the 19th August 1091.
  • Elected Bishop of Grecotha on the 14th January 1122.

    Hugh de Berry, Bishop of Ballymar.
           Hugh de Berry was a boyhood friend of Duncan Lord McLain and they were ordained together at Saint George's Cathedral by Alexander Archbishop of Rhemuth. He was then assigned as the personal secretary to Patrick Corrigan, Archbishop of Rhemuth. He provided aid to the King's supporters shortly after the coronation of King Kelson.

  • Born in Cassan on the 24th November in the Year of our Lord 1091.
  • The son of Sir Jarnithin de Berry and Audrenne Lady Porhoet.
  • Ordained on the 10th April in 1113.
  • Consecrated an itinerant Bishop on the 29th January 1122.
  • Elevated to the see of Ballymar in Kierney by the Synod of Valoret on the 18th March 1125.

    Denis Michael Arilan, Bishop of Dhassa, sometime Auxiliary Bishop of Rhemuth.
           The Codex states that Arilan was the first Deryni to have been ordained without discovery in almost CC years. He served secretly as a member of the Camberian Council. Later when he had been promoted to the office of Bishop of Dhassa, he used his position to ordained more deryni. He also claimed to have helped the ordination of Duncan Lord McLain by preventing merasha poison from being added to the consecrated wine. Arilan has always been a loyal supporter of the Haldane family and opposed Loris during the Interdict Schism of 1121.

  • Born on the 28th December in the Year of our Lord 1083.
  • The second son of Sir Michael Sextus Arilan and Stephania lady Jeffries.
  • Ordained priest on the 2nd Febuary 1105 at the Church of the Paraclete.
  • Appointed Confessor to King Brion on the 18th March in 1115 and promoted to Monsignor.
  • Consecrated Auxiliary Bishop of Dhassa, and appointed to the High Council by King Brion, on the 22nd May 1118.
  • Elected Bishop of Dhassa on the 14th January 1122.









    Camberian Council


    [1126] [historical]