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January 30th 2002
A whole year since I filled this in!
Firstly, Bart asked for his stories to be removed after the tragedy on the 11th Sept last year.
New updates:
Descriptions about Deryniness and the Deryni History have been added to the Fan Fiction section.
Two more proposed brides for Dhugal, he really should marry soon as he has been dragging on this on for a long time now - what will the people in his duchy be thinking! :)
January 19th 2001
The news group gossip section has been updated with some posts from November and December about the Childe Morgan books and the new Deryni Role Playing Game with Atlas, Map and updated Deryni Magic book. A new chapter to the Deryni Scrolls story has recently been added, as well as ch 6 and 7 of Bart's latest story. There's a new proposed bride for Dhugal.
November 10th 2000
The first five chapters of Bart's new story, Regent and Duke, are in the Fan Fiction section. Some more NG Gossip has also been added. Small changes have been made to other pages, these all have the new blue dhassa logo at the top right.
May 29th 2000
More of Deryni's Daughter has been added. The links have been updated. I have added news about EasterCon in the conventions section.
May 26th 2000
Changes to the KKB section with a link to Chapter 2.
May 9th 2000
The Mourning Prince story has been finished and the first four parts of Deryni's Daughter are in the Fan Fic section.
April 12th 2000
The fan fiction section has been updated with Bart's story The Mourning Prince, up to Part 5. Plus some minor updates around the site.
March 27th 2000
Map added to the Geography section. Some more NG Gossip. And a couple more chapters to the scrolls story in Fan Fic.
March 5th 2000
Several minor updates and the link to Chapter 1 of KKB added.
Febuary 2000
Changed the appearance of the site and reorganised the pages.
Images of the covers of all my deryni book added to the Deryni Books page.
KKB page updated and a new page added about who is marrying who.
December 13th 1999
Removed all the frames from the site.
December 7th 1999
Update to the "Notables" section with a few extra bishops.
October 18th 1999
*New Pages* The Fan Fic section has been updated with all the Scrolls stories.
*New Pages* For the "Notables" section there are some life details of a few of the characters in the deryni books. There is a page for people alive in 1126 and a page for historical people.
September 20th 1999
*New Page* This page.
*New Page* The codex errata compiled by Rebecca Davies.
Update to existing content on the pages.
Checks on all internal and external links.

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