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Katherine Kurtz: Deryni Books

A complete bibliography of the work of KK is available at

Deryni Rising
First published in Great Britain by Century Publishing Co. Ltd in 1985, ©1970 Katherine Kurtz.
ISBN 0-09-961940-7
Deryni Rising
front cover
back cover
Deryni Checkmate
First published in Great Britain by Century Publishing Co. Ltd in 1985, ©1970 Katherine Kurtz.
ISBN 0-09-961950-4
Deryni Checkmate
front cover
back cover
High Deryniv
First published in Great Britain by Century Publishing Co. Ltd in 1985, ©1973 Katherine Kurtz.
ISBN 0-09-961930-X
High Deryni
front cover
back cover
The Bishop's Heir
First published in 1984.
The Kings Justice
First published in 1985.
The Quest for Saint Camber
First published in 1986
King Kelson's Bride
Due to be published in 2000, by Ace Books.
Camber of Culdi
First published in 1976.
Saint Camber
First published in 1978.
Camber the Heretic
First published in 1981.
The Harrowing of Gwynedd
First published in 1989.
King Javan's Year
First published in 1992.
The Bastard Prince
Published in June 1994 by Ballantine Books, a Del Ray Book, ©1994 Katherine Kurtz. ISBN 0-345-39177-2
The Deryni Archives
First published in 1986.
Deryni Magic: A Grimoire
First published in 1990.
Flashing Swords #4, Swords against the Marluk
ed. Lin Carter
Codex Derynianus
Limited, signed and numbered hardback edition by Katherine Kurtz and Robert Reginald, published in 1998 by Borgo Press/Underwood Books.
ISBN 0-89370-011-8

The publishing information that I have supplied about these books is from several sources; my copies of the books, the Codex and

Also by KK

Two Crowns for America

Future Deryni Novels

King Kelson's Bride in paperback, by KK, due to be released in July 2001 by Ace.
Codex Derynianus in paperbck, by KK and RR.
The Childe Morgan Trilogy, by KK, to be handed to Ace at the end on 2001.
The Dark Haired Man, by RR.


  • ACE Books

Ace Books are the publishers for "King Kelson's Bride" (KKB). They are scheduling a release of the paper back version in July 2001. They are presently not publishing the paperback edition of "Codex Derynianus 2".

  • Borgo Press/Underwood Books

Borgo Press with Underwood Books released the limited, special edition of the hardback Codex Derynianus in Easter of 1998.
They may be publishing a 8.5" x 11" paper back version of Codex 2 for Christmas 2001 for about $20-25 through the Millefleurs imprint.

  • Del Rey

Del Rey Books, also known as Del Ray, have published the previous US editions of the Deryni novels. Del Rey provide a complete listing of the Deryni novels, except for the hardback edition of Codex which they did not publish.
The e-mail address is
Del Ray's postal address is given on their web site as
201 East 50th Street
New York, New York
10022 USA

There are several methods for purchasing the Deryni novels.

  • In the USA, walk into a bookshop with a decent fantasy section and either find it on the shelf or ask for the book to be ordered. For out-of-print books, try a second-hand bookshop.
  • In the UK, call Waterstones in Deansgate, Manchester for imported copies in their shop, and ask them to post the book to you, postage is extra for orders less than a set price. Also try Blackwells in Oxford for ordering American copies. Some specialist sci-fi shops may stock some imported copies, or will order copies for you. The Forbidden Planet shops will import Americam copies, and stock recent publications.
    For out-of-print books, including the past British editions, try second hand shops, but these books are very hard to find.
  • On the Internet, in-print Deryni novels can be ordered from and from Del Rey at Out-of-print editions can be located through a search of secondhand bookshops at a link from to