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"Codex Derynianus"


Compiled by Rebecca Davies.

Page 14: Alana Destaing d'Oriel-- married on May 1, 916 vs. Page 184: Oriel de Bourg-- married on June 2, 916. (The June date is the date listed in the Chronology section.)

Page 16: Alduin-- "... Tor Caerrorie... inhabited by Camber MacLean..." Should be Camber MacRorie.

Page 18: Alix, Saint-- feastday January 19th vs. Pg 328: feastday January 9th.

Page 22: Andrew of Senan, Saint and Martyr-- feastday November 30th vs. Pg 328: feastday March 8th. There is also a St. Andrew listed for November 30th without a description.

Page 23: Annalind Quinnell-- 3rd paragraph, Sovereign Princess should be Sovereign Prince.

Page 26/7: Arien Furstan-- dies January 8, 1059 vs. Page 302: January 18, 1059-- Arien Furstan dies.

Page 29: Counts and Dukes of Arkadia-- Aldred 600-652; Tamas 652-655. Should be Aldred 600-639; Tamas 639-655. Arkady II Furstan-- his children "died tragically within a month of each other.... in July of the year 1032." Sound like they died one month aftter the other when actually they all died in the month of July. Furstan needs to be italicized in the heading.

Page 32: Augarin Haldane-- son Guerric is said to be Count of Carthane, but he's not listed in the list for the Earls of Carthane on page 50.

Page 33: Ballard Rory MacRorie, Lord-- JerSUha should be JerUSha. Ballard II MacRorie, Earl-- "Lady Aislinn who intermarried with MacLean..." Should be Iain MacLean.

Page 34: Bayvel de Cameron-- born August 19, 861 vs. Page 260: December 23, 861-- Bayvel de Cameron born.

Page 40: Bran Coris (cont.)-- daughter Rhiannon Ysabeau is named Ysabeau Rhiannon under Richenda's entry (pg 204).

Page 41: Brigid, Saint-- feastday February 1st vs. Pg 328: feastday February 2nd.

Page 42: Burchard, Earl of Eastmarch-- "...he succeeded his father AT Baron de Varian..." should be AS.

Page 53: Charis Furstan-- son Imre and daugher Imriella are not listed as twins as they are under their father's entry (Mark I, page 159). Charissa Furstan-Festil-mac Tadhg-- "... being the only child and heir of Hogan..." Should be only surviving child...

Page 74: Dominic Buyenne-- born August 27, 800 vs. Page 256: August 28, 800-- Dominic Buyenne born. Donal Dongal Haldane-- born March 29, 818 vs. Page 256: born March 24, 818.

Page 76: Duchard Mor-- son's killed on last day of August, 994 vs. Page 295: August 30, 994-- Festil and Blaine killed.

Page 78: Earls of Eastmarch-- Sighere I 891-917; Hrorik II 917-928. Should be Sighere I 891-906; Hrorik II 906-928. Sighere gives Eastmarch to Hrorik when he is created Duke of Claibourne.

Page 81: Elaine de Fintan-- son Jason listed as the 3rd child VS. page 172 (Murdoch) where he is the 2nd child.

Page 87: Fathane-- speaking of Imre Elgar: "by his only surviving daughter Countess Tayce...he was grandfather of Dominic, 1st Duke of Corwyn." But on page 156: Malachy I Furstan-- Imre Elgar has another daughter Richardis, who is Malachy's mother. "Festil... was deeded... to his 3rd son Rufim, in whose family the title has descended." Rufim was Patriarch of Beldour, so no kids. It passed from him to his brother Karoly in whoise family te title has descended.

Page 88: Festil I Fustan-- birthorder is incorrect for his children: Ottkar (was born 815 according to my math); Andruine; Karoly (in 814).

Page 90: Festil III Istvan Furstan-Festil-- daughter Corinne died at age 13. But on page 60 (Corinne Cassadra Furstan-Festil) she died at age 12, one month shy of her 13th birthday.

Page 93: Furstan King of Torenth-- daughter Roschia marries Erispoe king of Bremagne. Not possible because their son Hoel is born in 547 (page 106) and Roschia's parents were married in 545 and she is their third child.

Page 96: Gilbert Desmond, Bishop-- "...Bishop of Gwynedd on the xvith day of May..." Should be XVI.

Page 98: Graham MacEwan (cont.)-- Hereditary Duke Hrorik Ewan...died before his father leaving issue: Hereditary Duke Ewan II. Should add Gillian Countess of Rhendall in her own right, who marries Brion de Traherne.

Page 99: Gregory MacDinan, Earl of Ebor-- Seanna not listed as one of his children.

Page 105: Henry Drummond-- order of children is Henry jr., James sr., Ardis, James jr.. But looking at each birthday, Ardis is the younges, James jr. The next to youngest.

Page 112: Ifor Haldane-- born April 11, 778 VS. Page 255-- Ifor Haldane born April 9, 778.

Page 117: Imriella Elisabeth Furstan-Festil-- intermarried with Swithven Count of Lan-gendoss. Lose the hyphen.

Page 118: Barons of Iomaire-- Alban should be Arban.

Page 120: Jaca (cont.)-- Arsieu Comte d'Mont-Volcan. Should be Comte de Mont-Volcan.

Page 122: Jared McLain-- only daughter Alicia deat at age 3 VS. Page 241: Vera McLain-- only daughter Isebet died as an infant.

Page 134: Kalman II Furstan-- "When Prince Festil killed Ifor King of Gwynedd... Matyas King of Torenth travelled to Valoret...and crowned his son King of Gwynedd." Should be Kalman King of Torenth. Prince Termod later Prince of Kheldour and Count of Rhorau. Rhorau was a title created form Termod's son Kalman.

Page 139: The Earls of Kierney-- Jared 1076-1121; Duncan 1121-1125. Should be Jared 1076-1099; Kevin 1099-1121 (see page 137); Duncan 1121-1126 (abdicated).

Page 143: Lajos I Furstan-- "intermarried with Amoena on 22nd day in year 794." Missing the month of May.

Page 144: The Earls of Lendour-- House of Cynfyn for entire list. Should be House of Furtan-Festil for first two Earls then House of Cynfyn for the rest.

Page 145: Letald von Horthy-- mother Maya daughter of Jubal Prince of Thuria vs.

Lewis ap Norval-- disappears August 21, 1052 vs. Page 301: March 21, 1052-- Lewis ap Norval disappears

Page 146: Liam Lajos II Furstan d'Arjenol-- 2nd son, 3rd child of Lionel and Morag. Should be 4th child. Lionel II Torval Furstan d'Arjenol-- is described as Deryni with slight powers while in High Deryni he is described as human with assumed powers.

Page 148: Llannedd-- 1st line of 2nd column "It was cloudly..." Should be cloudy.

Page 152: Lydia McBain-- marries Henry Drummond April 21, 887. Should be 884 (see page 105: Henry Drummond jr.). Her youngest son Geordie is born in 887.

Page 157: Malcom Haldane-- marries Cecilia Calder of Sheele on May 13, 1055 vs. Page 301: March 31, 1055-- Malcom marries Cecilia. Their son Richard is born in December, so should be March.

Page 158: Malcom Haldane-- 2nd paragraph Annalind Quinnell is Sovereign Princess. Should be Sovereign Prince.

Page 160: Mark I's daughter Ętherien died in 978, age 51. This means she was born before her brother Imre, who is the eldest child. "Daughter Bernadine, a hydrophobe at age 5" should be "who died a hydrophobe at age 5." "Following the death of Prince Miklos, Marek altered the memory of the Healer Cosim...." Should be the other way around.

Page 163: Matyas Imre Furstan-- "... first wife's death in childbirth 18th day of August, 756..." 1) first should be 1st. 2) her children were born on March 7, 756. The Chronolgy section says she died of the typhoidous grippe on August 18, 756 (page 255). Also, his son Imre Elgar (by his third wife) died "...leaving issue, 1 daughter, Richardis..." Actually he had two daughters, the other, Tayce, married Richard Buyenne du Joux and was the mother of Dominic Buyenne, 1st Duke of Corwyn.

Page 172: Murdoch, Earl and Baron of Carthane-- married Elaine Lady de Fintan on March 3, 899, but on page 81 (Elaine de Fintan) and page 264 the marriage date is March 6, 899. "... who intermarried with his second wife..." Should be IInd.

Page 175: Nieve O Niallain-- 2nd marriage to Tammeron Fitz-Arthur on August 12, 893 should be 891.

Page 182: Nygel Rhys Owain Haldane-- wife is Susanta Lady Eastmarch, daughter of Kennet Howell and Shaunagh Lady Marley. 1) page 137: Kennet Howell's wife is named Tanya Lady Marley (page 216: Sean Coris concurs, as does page 291: June 9, 947). 2) No Susanta is listed under their children. Should Susanta be Serena? If so, need to fix the name on page 292: August 5, 970 and page 293: October 15, 979.

Page 184: Odro Vox Dei-- found in 1034, but gives as a reference Harrowing of Gwynedd.

Page 186: Orsal and Tralia-- "... in the year 603 his High-/Highness Hewley..." Should be High-/ness Hewley.

Page 191: Radislaus Vaksos Furstan-- daughter married Turpion Hort of Orsal and Prince of Tralia. There is no joint title in the 800's.

Page 197: The Earls of Rhendall-- Ewan II Hrorik should be Hrorik Ewan II

Page 198: Rhetice Haldane-- end of 2nd paragraph, "...until the Yule Ball of 1039... invited to dance by a curious gentlemen..." Should be gentleman. "... farway Rūm.." Should be faraway.

Page 199: Rhun von Horthy-- 1st wife died January 18, 913. But daughter Adelica was born on November 8, 913. Page 270: November 8, 913-- wife Kristin dies in childbirth. Counts of Rhorau-- Kalman 840-863; Termod 863-904. Should be Kalman 840-873; Termod 873-904..

Page 202: Richard Haldane, Duke of Carthmoor-- wife Sivorn von Horthy's grandfather was Raimond, Prince du Thuria VS. page 145: Letald von Horthy (Sivorn's brother)-- grandfather was Juhel Prince du Thuria. Rhysel Thuryn-- "The Lady Tiphane intermarried with Tambert I Duke of Cassan." Should be Tammeron Duke of Cassan.

Page 202: Richard Haldane-- Maya is daughter of Raimond Prince of Thuria.

Page 204: Richeldis MacLean MacInnis's daughter Janeltis marries EWAN HRORIK Duke of Claibourne. 1) should be Hrorik Ewan. 2) should be Heireditary Duke of Claibourne.

Page 205: Kings of R'Kassi-- Rhupen ruled 711-719; Timur ruled 719-832. That makes Timur's rule 113 years. Rhupens predecessor ruled to 803. So should be Rhupen 803-819 (or 811-819 if there was a period with no clear leader) and Timur 819-832.

Page 206: Robert Ainslie-- "The Lady Tiphane.... intermarried Tambert I Duke of Cassan..." should be Tammeron Duke of Cassan.

Page 209: Rorik Howell-- married Juliette Coris August 24, 1086 VS. page 306: they married August 4, 1086.

Page 212: St. Iveagh's Abbey-- should have The Bastard Prince as a reference also.

Page 213: St. Liam's Abbey-- "Cata-lyst" should be "Catalyst".

Page 214: Santare, Earl of Grand-Tellie-- 2nd paragraph "... was appointed to the High Cuncil of Torenth by King Imre...." Should be Gwynedd.

Page 218: Sighere 1st Duke of Claibourne-- 3rd paragraph should be "He was also named to the Royal Council of Gwynedd..."

Page 221: Stacia Howell-- "she was the only child of.." Should be "the only surviving child ..."

Page 222: Stavenham-- Deryni Challenge should be listed as a reference.

Page 230: Princes of Thuria-- Rhouben 931-959 should be 932-959.

Page 232: Tamas Furstan, King of Torenth-- Tamas descended from cadet line. Actually he was descended by the primary line that was deposed.

Page 235: Transha-- missing Caball MacArdry from the see also list.

Page 238: Uthyr Haldane-- Created Duke of Carthmoor at birth vs. Page 290: Janurary 15, 943-- Prince Uthyr comes of age and is created Duke.

Page 241: Vera Howard McLain-- married Jared McLain on May 9, 1091 should be 1090. Van Horthy--SEE: Hort, Rhun, Rogan should be Von Horthy. Move to correct alphabetical postion.

Page 245: Willibrord, Saint-- Abbey of Crist the King founded in 709 vs. Page 254: August 4, 719-- the Abbey is founded.

Page 248: Year 253-- "...Northwest of the River Eirian." Should be Erinys to be consistant with entries before and after it.

Page 249: August 2, 547-- Hoel is born to Erispoe Count of Magne and Roschia Princess of Torenth. Not possible, Roschia not born yet.

Page 256: January 20, 795-- Imre Elgar Count of Fathane dies leaving 1 daughter, Richardis. He has two daughters, the other Tayce, marries Richard Buyenne of Joux. October 5, 808-- Lord Ballard born to Adrian Earl of Culdi. Should be future Earl of Culdi.

Page 263: November 11, 888-- Master Rondel is born Radon a soldier... Should be "born to"

Page 264: December 12, 891-- Kemal Count of Rhorau. Kemal was never Count of Rhorau. His son Kennet inherited the title from his uncle.

Page 266: September 30-- "Cathan ... notices II hostages hanging on the city wall as leaves Valoret." Should be "... as HE leaves..."

Page 267: March 1, 904-- "... and the king I month of mourning." Should be "... BEGINS I month of mourning."

Page 270: May 15, 908-- Hrorik II Earl of Eastmarch marries Countess Sudrey. Should be Sudrey Lady of Rhorau and Hrorik future Earl of Eastmarch. March 30, 909-- Lady Stacia born to Hrorik II Earl of Eastmarch... Should be future Earl of Eastmarch.

Page 271: January 18, 917: Camber should be Cullen/Camber. Also for January 31, 917.

Page 272: May 25, 919: Cullen should be Cullen/Camber.

Page 279: May 25, 919: King Alroy attains his majority. Where's Javan? May 18, 920: Javan leaves for Rhemuth to celebrate his 14th birthday. Should be 15th birthday.

Page 284: May 23, 928-- Prince Imre born to Marek and Charis. No mention of a twin sister.

Page 286: June 22-- Marek doctors Cosim's memory. Other way around.

Page 288: June 23, 836-- Festil jr. and Festil III both marry on this day vs. Page 90: Festil III Furstan-Festil-- marries June 10th.

Page 293: October 8, 984-- Jesse MacGregor dies (this is date listed in entry) vs. Page 295: August 26, 985-- Jesse MacGregor dies.

Page 299: August 9, 1025-- Roisian Sovereign Princess of Meara. Should be Sovereign Prince.

Page 300: February 20, 1034-- Arnall McLain marries Adelicia Fitz-Arthur. Should be Fitz-Arthur Quinnell. December 1, 1034-- Fitz-Arthur should be Fitz-Arthur Quinnell.

Page 302: September 14, 1060-- Tairchell Earl of Kierney succeeded by his son ANDREW. Should be Arnall

Page 303: September 7, 1066-- Lord Lester is born Lone Lord Trillick... Should be born TO.

Page 307: May 18, 1090-- Donal Blaine II King of Torenth... Should be Gwynedd. May 16, 1094-- Larissa dies and is succeeded by her daughter Charissa. Should be Clarissa.

Page 309: October 10, 1103-- Branwell Baron de Varian dies. Page 325: January 29, 1126-- Branwell Baron de Varian dies. This second date is the date cited on page 42 (Burchard, Baron de Varian). 1126 also listed as the year of his death on page 241 (Varian).

Page 310: November 18, 1104-- StefaM Coram. Should be StefaN. February 2, 1105: ]Michael. Lose the bracket.

Page 311: January 11, 1108-- Richard Richard Duke of Carthmoor. Lose a Richard.

Page 312: December 18, 1109-- Richard Richard Duke of Carthmoor. Lose a Richard. October 1, 1110-- Eufemia Princess of Toren. Should be Torenth. September 1, 1111-- Richard Richard Duke of Carthmoor. Lose a Richard. April 10, 1113-- Alexander Darby, Archbishop Primate of Valoret and All Gwynedd. Should be Archbishop of Rhemuth.

Page 317: March 25, 1121: Richard Fitz-William. Loose the hyphen.

Page 321: May 19, 1124-- Camber East of Culdi. Should be Earl. The King's Justice (May - June, 1124) should be May - July.

Missing: April 20, 822-- Princess Ysabeau Nuala Haldane born to Ifor King of Gwynedd and Nuala lady Udaut.

Talicil not in Codex but merasha is.

Caradot not in Codex but senrect is.

In the lineage tree in Camber the Heritic Camlin's line continues, but no mention of such in the Codex.

Lineage Tree: Meara
Shows Alban Quinnell and Jorianna Quinell as siblings. Alban is Jorianna's father.

Lineage Tree: Torenth
Kyprian II and Karoly II are transposed.