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My name is Helen Brinkworth and I am a front end web developer and web designer working in the UK. For the past few years I have been doing front end coding (XHTML and CSS by hand) but previously I did about 50/50 design and coding work.

Job status

I am currently looking for short-term free-lance contracts to work on from home. My rate is 30 per hour. Please contact me if you have any web page work - new pages, updates, bug fixes, accessibility and browser testing - that I can do for you. Sadly my last employer went into administration.

Feedback and Contact Details

You can send e-mail to me at "helen dot brinkworth at dhassa dot co dot uk" (just change the "dot" and the "at" to symbols and remove the spaces). Previously I was Helen Whitworth - I married in October 2003, my old email address of helen dot whitworth is now gone.

Click here to send feedback via my form.

Site news

I have split my web site into two sections, one for web design & coding and one for leisure. The web design & coding pages are still growing and include my portfolio and cv. The hamsters site is very popular with regular positive feedback.

There are two styles for my web site. You can swap between plain blue and scrapbook. This uses javascript and a cookie from A List Apart.