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Coding: Front-end hand-coding with HTML (10 years) with CSS (8 years) and XHTML (5 years) with CSS2 (5 years)

Software: Dreamweaver, Homesite, Photoshop and Image Ready, Top Style, Fireworks, Flash, IIS, VSS etc.

Content management: Obtree, Oracle Portal, Interwoven, IRPublish

Accessibility: LIFT Machine 1.4, Bobby, WCAG 1.0

Browsers: IE 5, IE 5.2(Mac), IE 6, IE 7, Firefox x, Netscape 4.7 and 7, Opera x, Safari x

Operating systems: Windows 95, 98, XP, 2000, 2003 and a bit of Mac

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Outlook

The application of web coding by hand, based on a thorough understanding of W3C (HTML, XHTML and CSS2) coding standards, using web accessibility standards and conforming with legal requirements to produce cross-browser compatible pages.

Experience of creating detailed designs, image manipulation and web page layout for optimised and usable web sites, working to customer specifications or producing new designs for the customer.

Project work includes the maintenance, content management and the accessibility and application testing of large commercial web sites.


14/12/04 - 01/11/08 with Interesource, London

Position: Web Developer (3 month agency contract and then permanent)

I worked on multiple web sites to provide front-end coding for ASP.Net sites, static XHTML sites and HTML emails. The role included new builds with CSS2 layouts, content updates, bug fixing, accessibility testing up to WAI-AAA standard and browser compatibility testing and fixing. I was coding XHTML within the .aspx files and .xsl files of the CMS and working closely with the backend developers.


Created all of the CSS2 layout and XHTML templates for use in the CMS, accessibility level WAI-AA.


Added new pages with XHTML and CSS2 coding, accessibility level WAI-AA.


Added new pages with XHTML and CSS2 coding, accessibility level WAI-AA.


Original work was bug fixing XHTML and CSS2 code for browser compatibility - including IE5.2 Mac - plus coding new page templates. Site expansion included adding a member’s accounts section and RNID Answers section. Accessibility level WAI-AAA.


Created all of the CSS2 layout and XHTML templates, accessibility level WAI-AA.


Updates and bug fixing for browser compatibility, accessibility level WAI-AA.


New pages and bug fixing for browser compatibility, accessibility level WAI-AA.

Created new homepage layout - as on current site – and created XHTML and CSS2 for new sections at; http://www.tht.org.uk/howwecanhelpyou/youngpeople/sexfacts/gotaquestion/ and http://www.tht.org.uk/howwecanhelpyou/youngpeople/youknowyou/.


Created the original XHTML and CSS2 for site as first launched with accessibility level WIA-AA, then various additions and browser testing for subsequent redevelopments.

http://www.virgindigital.com/ - not available

Interesource created the Virgin Digital online music shop which I then rebranded into a Carphone Warehouse music shop. The second site shared all the same XHTM templates and included a copy of the same CSS. The rebranding, with a new homepage layout, was all done through addition CSS and new images. Accessibility level WAI-AA.

Blogs at Interesource

http://blogs.problemsolved.co.uk/ - current site
http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/ - not available
http://blogs.handbag.com/ - not available

The Interesource blogs used shared XHTML templates which were rebranded using a separate style sheet for each site.

29/06/04 - 15/10/04 with ProQuest Information and Learning, Cambridge

Position: Web Designer (3.5 month agency contract)

I was part of the design team that produced new web sites and search facilities for the Chadwyck-Healey Literature Collections. This involved adapting JSP templates for the new design and linking to multiple searches following the documented specifications and designs for the collections. My role involved creating HTML and CSS, adding content, improving accessibility, testing, bug tracking and bug fixing and creating images. I worked closely with the software development team to integrate with the back end development. I was also tasked with writing two specifications for the addition of a new collection, to be integrated in an existing site and as a standalone product.

http://collections.chadwyck.co.uk/ - current site

Combined tables and CSS2 for layout and accessibility level WAI-A and partial WAI-AA.

04/04 - 05/04 with TUI, Coventry

Position: Web Developer (4 week agency contract)

I was working in a team with an HTML coder and JSP developers to rebrand the existing site and transfer it to a new platform with new search, results and booking facilities. I performed much of the work to hand-code the layout and styling of the new site, following new visual designs, to be XHTML with improved accessibility. I then assisted with the jsp conversion and carried out XHTML validation testing.

http://www.budgetholidays.com/ - not available

XHTML 1.0 transitional, combined tables and CSS2 for layout and accessibility level WAI-A and partial WAI-AA.

03/04 - 04/04 with Sapient, London

Position: Web Developer (4 week agency contract)

I was leading a team of five web developers to produce hand-coded XHTML and CSS web pages for the BP and Castrol web sites. We produced static XHTML pages for intergrating with Interwoven CMS.

I co-ordinated the London team with a team of web developers and the project manager in India. I also co-ordinated with the senior designer about how the designs should be converted into XHTML and assisted the senior designer with the UE testing.

http://www.bp.com/ - current site

XHTML 1.0 transitional, using CSS2 for layout and accessibility level WAI-A.

08/00 - 03/04 with BT Exact, Cardiff

Position: Web Designer / Developer / Content Producer

I had a variety of roles while at BT. Graphical work included producing web designs for new sites, re-designs and re-branding as well as banners, flash and print graphics.

Coding work involved hand-coding in HTML 4.1 and then XHTML 1.0 with CSS and occasionally javascript. I can use software such as Dreamweaver for file management but code XHTML and CSS by hand. I have coded complete sites from new designs and updated old sites with new designs, new coding or content management systems.

I managed many of my own projects and provided the primary customer contact so that I was always working on several sites at once ranging in size from just 2 pages to thousands of pages.

I was also tasked with QA testing of several sites to check the coding, accessibility and content standards.


XHTML 1.0 transitional, using CSS for content styling.

11/97 - 08/00 BT Multimedia Business Call Centre, Cardiff

Positions: Second Line Night Shift Service Monitoring, Resource Co-ordinator, First Line Technical Agent, Customer Accounts Supervisor, First Line Customer Accounts