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Links to Hamster Web Sites

Here are links to some of the hamster web sites I have found.

The links were last checked on 27th October 2006.

Online Hamster

  • Hamstercam

    Watch the actvities of the current hamster online. Use the 5 or 10 second refresh option if you are dialing up with standard types of access. The one second refresh works with broadband access.


  • Towy Vale Hamstery

    With information on hamster shows and clubs in the UK and stories from the owners of this hamstery who you can visit in South Wales.

  • The River Road Hamstery

    Genetic investigation of unusual syrian hamsters.

Hamster Clubs

Information Resources

Online Supplies

  • The Wodent Wheel

    A specialist rodent wheel which you can buy from this site in the USA with delivery to various places.

  • PetPlanet.co.uk

    UK shop selling the wodent wheel. The senior wheel is great, if you can fit it into the cage. It's large but Fred has no problems with turning it.

  • Petcages

    UK shop listing Fred's extra big cage to house the senior wodent wheel - called the Criceto Peter Prestige - but please note I have not made any purchases from this site. Cuddles' had the Criceto Gimmy cage. Both cages have outlasted their occupiers and are in perfect condition. The Ginny has a good deep base to contain any mess. The Peter is just huge - I used a plastic hamster house as a step up to the exit! The Peter cage is worth the money - your hamster will love you for buying it.

Dwarf Websites

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