Helen's Hamster Pages and Hamster Pictures

Hamsters are cute, furry, and innocent!

bobbing hamsters


  1. Have you every watched a hamster have a wash? Then you know what I mean.
  2. Licking yoghurt off your finger.
  3. When you hold a yoghurt drop behind a hamster chewing the bars and he turns, his arm slips between the bars, and he can not pull it loose without turning away from the treat, so he just sits with a confused and longing expression on his face.
  4. Give the hamster a walnut in its shell and watch him carry it, walking forward blindly with his nose in the air.
  5. When they try to push a long object through a hole, but with the ends to the side so that it will not fit.
  6. When they hide behind furniture and stick their head out to watch humans.
  7. Drinking from a waterbottle with a little foot resting on the spout.


Soft fur that is lovely to stroke. Long coats on a teddy-bear, soft after being brushed with all those tangles removed. Furry feet on a drawf hamster. Furry ears on a baby hamster. Short fur, satin coats and long fur, teddy-bears. Endlessly groomed and washed by the hamster.


Look into the eyes and you will see an expression of constant curriosity. Hamsters live a life that involves the simple pleasures of eating, sleeping, washing and running.

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