Helen's Hamster Pages and Hamster Pictures

Warning this is a devious creature!!!

sleeping hamster

Nothing will try harder to escape than an unwatched hamster. He will probably let you think that he will not fit behind the cupboard or under the door. Then he can surprise you by squashing himself flat and disappearing through the gap.

Be aware that if a hamster is on a raised surface, he will always attempt to jump off when you are not in a position to save him.

Remember that an empty food bowl does not necessarily require filling. It may simply mean that the hamster has cunningly hidden a huge amount of food, possibly camouflaged by a layer of sawdust, in the corner of his cage. He has also discovered that sitting, with a piteous expression on his face, by the side of the food bowl will cause more food to spontaneously appear.

When a hamster yawns, look carefully at the size of his mouth and the sharpness of his teeth. This is a good reason for you to never tease or frighten a hamster and he likes to show off his teeth occasionally to remind you.

Do you think that you have trained your hamster to beg for food and treats? Wrong, the hamster has you well trained.

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